2020 New Year Update

Another year had come and gone and what crazy year 2019 had been. Not only had mine started with a wicked case of pneumonia but I also had to say goodbye to my grandmother for the final time. I also had nearly given up on writing all together. Not exactly my favorite year, and it … Continue reading 2020 New Year Update

Silverleaf Writers Guild Book Fair 2019

Note: I wanted to add a section for the authors I met but this particular post was getting long. I've decided to make a separate post on them. You can find it at this link. The Silverleaf Writers Guild is a non-for-profit group of writers, published or not, that gather together on a regular basis … Continue reading Silverleaf Writers Guild Book Fair 2019

May 2019

Hi All, I don’t have a specific blog topic this month as I’ve been distracted by Kingdom Hearts 3, family visiting, as well as my own mental health dragging me down. This month marks 2 years since my pépère’s (grandpa’s) sudden passing which has been marked by my other grandma’s downward spiral on whether she … Continue reading May 2019


It's been a long time since I've posted anything on my website. A year and half to be more specific. Goes to show that I don't update social media often and I do apologize for that. I had all gumption to get into the blogging scene only to fall flat on my face with anxiety. … Continue reading Update