By The Light of a Darkened Forest

An Enchanted Misadventure Through Time

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Evelyn’s camping trip takes a turn for the worse when she gets lost in the woods during a wicked blizzard. After a handsome stranger comes to her aid, Evelyn is quick to follow his lead.

Soon, she realizes there’s something unusual about the strange man. After he leads Evelyn into a world of everlasting winter, a chain of events is set in motion, forever changing he life.

What she doesn’t realize is that the greatest discovery in over two millennia lies within herself… something that has been slumbering inside her all along.

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Extra Content

Here’s some concept pieces and artwork I had done while writing By The Light of a Darkened Forest. I do have more, so much more, but these are the best pieces.

This map is carried by Darrow throughout his journey. The only difference would be the lettering as the Doolklian language has a different alphabet.