Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (PS4)

⭐ ⭐

I can’t say much about this game as I was rather disappointed in it after the hype. There were only a few things I liked about it but they were so minor that it didn’t save the game for me. Honestly, I would have given this game a one star if it wasn’t for those few saving graces. First we will deal with the things that I liked about Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons before moving on to what I think lacked.

As always, the dynamics between the characters is something I look forward to in a game, as I am a writer, and I was intrigued by the idea of brothers striking off together. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons did not disappoint here and I could tell what kind of bond they had as well as their own personalities. The characters the developers created were good but that doesn’t save the story (more on that in a bit).

The other saving grace for this game was the new control mechanics it introduced to me. It was odd controlling the two at the same time. Made me think this game would play better on the Nintendo Switch with the two separate joy cons but using the PS4 controller like that was a new experience. It was fun learning how to game all over again with it’s simple controls but having to remember which side controlled which brother.

But that’s where the good points end.

I was angry that the game was so short. Only three hours of game play in fact. In this era where the video games I play would last at least twenty hours or more to make them binge worthy, I was not a happy camper that it ended so quickly. I was expecting much more play time and I can see the opportunity of what could have been but it wasn’t taken. I understand that controlling the two brothers at the same time might have become tedious after a while but that shouldn’t have impacted the length of this game.

The puzzles. For the new mechanics that were introduced I understand sometimes its hard to come up with new challenges to do with two characters but there wasn’t enough. They were also not that difficult and didn’t vary greatly in complexity levels which was another disappointment. I’ve also had more challenging puzzles in other video games, the water temples in The Legend of Zelda series is a good example.

I also felt cheated in the story itself. Again, as a writer, I look forward to the story aspect of each game but this one left me feeling that the story developers slapped on an ending. It was a good pace in the beginning. I was able to explore an interesting world, interact with its variety of inhabitants and help them but then BOOM! Ending. I know after climax the falling action and resolution are short to wrap things up but the journey didn’t feel satisfying enough. The little brother didn’t grow as a character until the end and his change felt out of place and came from no where. Even at the sad part I wasn’t too emotional about it and normally I am if it’s done right.

There was no satisfaction at all in completing Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. If it wasn’t for the character dynamics or the intriguing new mechanics this game would have gotten a score of one out of five from me which I typically don’t like dishing out. Normally games with scores this low I don’t finish as I’m not happy with how it’s turning out or I’m no longer interested in it. I guess that’s the only positive point of it being such a short game was that I was able to finish it before giving up on the empty feeling it was giving.

I would only suggest buying Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons if you want to try out new game mechanics and an interesting world but beyond that there isn’t much this game can offer.

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