Disney’s Aladdin (2019)

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A few weeks back I went to the movies with my younger brother and he picked the new Aladdin. Naturally I decided to do a review on it since I made the commitment to do reviews on the random things I do.

This was a great movie but I need to get something out of the way first. If you have watched the animated version the new movie is already spoiled for you. Most people agree that you cannot replace Robbin Williams, no one ever could, and you cannot expect the same performance for the genie. If you do then the movie won’t be as good, it’s why I didn’t rate this movie as high as I would have. Will Smith did a good job as the genie, I won’t deny that, but you have to look at his genie as not the same one as Robbin’s. Once you have that mindset then the movie turns into something really good.

Now ahead there is spoilers but I’ve tried not to spoil too much.

There were a few added bits that I didn’t like and felt out of place. One of them was the love interest angle they did for the genie. The movie would have been good without that added in but I’m not the director, guess he had a different vision.

The part that felt way out of place was the reprise of Jamine’s song. Don’t get me wrong, I love the song in it’s entirety and is one of my new favorites, but the reprise was jarring and I was confused when she started singing and the none of the others were reacting to it. I realized half way through that it was her self talk going on, which is great and all, but you don’t realize it right away. It could have been done with her whispering the chorus under her breath to give her the courage she needed and not mess with the flow. When the song is first introduced near the beginning, however, it fit right in and was a great addition to the Aladdin movie.

The ending was alright but was rushed and didn’t give the satisfying conclusion that the 1992 animation gave us.

On a better note, I don’t think they could have picked a better actor for Aladdin. He sounded so much like the original I thought they had used all of the 1992 sound recording. Hearing the familiarity of his voice was an awesome addition to the movie.

There we have it folks, my first review for my blog. Please remember that these are completely my own opinion and will most likely be different from any others.

Can’t wait for the new Lion King movie coming out in a few weeks!

J.W. Goodwin

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